Can you imagine …

… waking up every morning to a job that revolves around making the world a better place? A job that’s all about making it easier for more people and more companies to do more good?

It’s not a dream. It’s a career with GVNG. Trust us when we say: your parents will be so proud.

We’re looking for smart, skilled, like-minded doers who share our mission to power good. Ready to start?

We value our team members

We respect, value and, most of all, listen to our employees. All employees are encouraged to join our conversations about major products and company decisions. Changing the way philanthropy works is hard work, but we make it a rewarding experience by fostering a joyful, creative and respectful office culture.

Our team values


Reliability and Trust

We rely on and trust our employees by giving them the utmost respect and responsibility. Every member of our team is the master of their domain. We count on employees to own their work and become experts in their field.


All Hands on Deck

Building the future of philanthropy is team effort. We expect all team-members to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty to help GVNG and our nonprofits succeed.



GVNG is more than technology. We are building a team of leaders who will shape the future of philanthropy and guide the next generation of Givers, Philanthropists, Humanitarians and Visionaries.

We Power Good

We believe we can change the world, but we also know it takes a village. Get in touch and let us know if you want to drop by our office—we’d love to introduce you to the team and show you the opportunities that await.

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