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Increase Your Employee Engagement and Amplify Corporate Social Impact

We help you empower your employees with greater choice while making it simple to manage.

Boost Your Employee Engagement, Culture, and Brand

Simple Setup, Easy Admin

GVNG is completely web-based and can be set up in minutes. With no paper forms, automated matching, and a simple mobile web app, GVNG drives employee participation and company impact.

For Employers—Dashboard and Reporting

An employer dashboard delivers insights into employee giving trends and favorite causes. Align corporate giving with employees to increase participation and measure social impact across your organization.

For Employees—Easy Participation and Flexibility

Flexible contributions let your employees give when, where, and how much they want. Employees can easily make one-time and recurring contributions, set up automatic payroll deductions, and donate to their causes, all from the GVNG app.

A Charity for Every Employee’s Causes

Research, follow, and give to every registered charity in the US, over 1.6m entities, plus vetted international organizations. 100% of funds given go to the chosen charity.

Personalized Crowdfunding Campaigns

Employees and companies can launch tax-deductible crowdfunding campaigns to amplify impact. Like GoFundMe, but with GVNG it’s tax-deductible for donors.

No Cost to Employers or Out-of-Pocket Costs to Employees

As a nonprofit, GVNG does not charge employers for its technology and services. Additionally, there are not any out-pocket costs to employees for their GVNG Wallets.

Doing Well By Doing Good

Data from recent employee and employer surveys support the need for robust workplace giving programs.

Workers Value Giving On The Job

60% of employees indicate that they volunteer their time through a workplace-sponsored program and 46% report that they donate through employee giving programs.

Choice Is Critical

More than 75% of employees said that the ability to choose causes they care about is imperative for a positive donation experience. Nearly 30% said they do not give through the workplace because the causes they care about are not available as choices.

Attract & Retain Talent

More than 70% said it was very important to work for an employer where mission and values align, and that working in a company where the culture is supportive of giving is very important.

Technology Can Enhance Workplace Giving

Workers also want to be able to give easily and make informed choices about their giving—both of which are aided by a strong technology platform. Nearly half of employees surveyed say that an easy-to-use online platform is very important to their donation experiences.

Companies Are On Board

Perhaps the most encouraging finding is that companies recognize the philanthropic motivations of their employees. 87% of companies understand there is an expectation to support causes and issues that are important to employees.

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