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GVNG Technology, Inc.

The platform that powers the GVNG Digital Nonprofit

GVNG Technology, Inc. is the technology company that developed the Digital Nonprofit platform which enables GVNGorg to deliver unique digital services to its clients. GVNGorg supports charitable causes in ways that no other organization does. There was no off-the-shelf software available in the fragmented charity software market that met GVNGorg’s unique requirements, so GVNG Technology, Inc. was separately formed to be a strategic partner to GVNGorg and other charitable organizations. 

GVNG Tech was built by and is operated by highly experienced SaaS financial systems innovators. Doing good at scale is still mostly about moving money from generous people to worthy causes, so the GVNG Tech platform is built on a foundation of compliance, accuracy, security, and ease of use.

  • Modern & Scalable: Built on Planetscale, Vercel, and AWS
  • Mobile-First web app
  • Secure: SOC 2 audited and compliant
GVNG Technology, Inc.