GVNG.org is a fiscal sponsor and we provide fiscal sponsorship services to internal GVNG.org projects to help them get set up and running quickly. GVNG.org's projects span a wide range of topic areas, from disaster relief, to veterans work, climate change, mental health, and humanitarian aid and more.


GVNG.org's projects have already disbursed approximately $2.7M in philanthropic grants and have raised well over $5M. These grants have helped rebuild communities hit by natural disasters, have helped deliver humanitarian aid to those suffering from food insecurity and political instability, and have helped rebuild American communities across our country.

How It Works

All nonprofit projects on GVNG.org are internal projects of GVNG.org and are governed fiscally and administratively by GVNG.org's bylaws and Board of Directors. We work with a technology platform, GVNG, to set up internal nonprofit projects quickly and efficiently, allowing GVNG.org's nonprofit projects to launch a website and have a back end administrative tool to track donations and request grant disbursements from their nonprofit project. If you are interested in learning more about our fiscal sponsor services please contact admin@gvng.org