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We Power Good

Amplify Your Impact for the Causes You Care About


Take Your Personal Giving to the Next Level

GVNG provides the means for anybody to do giving better. From simple tax-deductible donations to your GVNG Wallet to Crowdfunding Campaigns that create communities of interest and support around the causes YOU care about.

Your GVNG Wallet

Make tax-deductible donations any time, grant your donations to the charities you care about any time. Manage and track all your giving in one place, with year-end tax reporting.

Crowdfunding – Amplify Your Giving, with Tax Benefits

Crowdfunding is the simplest and easiest way to let others share in the good that charitable giving via GVNG delivers. Almost everybody knows GoFundMe, but much less known is that donations to almost all GoFundMe personal campaigns are NOT tax-deductible. That’s the GVNG advantage. As a registered charity itself, all donations made through GVNG are tax deductible.

  • Create a GVNG Crowdfunding Campaign in minutes, in a browser or on a mobile device
  • Give your campaign a name, a description and a picture
  • Set dates and fundraising goals
  • Easily share your campaign on social media and websites with GVNG’s easy tools
  • Easily donate the proceeds of the crowdfunding campaign to any registered charity with a couple of clicks.

Build a Team

GVNG’s unique team capabilities lets impact-minded people come together for shared causes. Broaden your impact by creating teams that can share campaigns across every team member’s own personal networks. Create your own communities of purpose to rally people around causes.

Get Fiscally Sponsored

If your commitment to the causes you care about takes you to the point where you think you need to form your own 501(c)(3), consider the faster and easier track – a GVNG Fiscal Sponsorship