Use Your GVNG Wallet to Donate to Disaster Relief Efforts

Heartbreaking headlines reach our hearts and screens. In response, we feel moved to action but aren’t sure how to help. In a disaster situation, money is one of the most helpful ways for an individual to make a difference because it allows a charity to direct the aid where it’s needed most.

Responding as Individuals and Families

To give support after a disaster, use your GVNG Wallet to select a verified nonprofit focused on the cause. You can easily give to multiple organizations from your GVNG Wallet. Here are a few ideas for disaster relief organizations to get you started:

For regional disasters, consider supporting local nonprofits, including churches, community outreaches, and those providing direct relief. Centralizing your charitable giving through your GVNG Wallet allows you to instantly donate to nonprofits while seamlessly tracking your giving for tax purposes.

Responding as a Business Leader and as a Company

Leadership teams who provide the GVNG Wallet for employees add an invaluable tool to their crisis communications toolbelt. With GVNG, an employer has a public response to a crisis in an instant with the ability to launch a cause-based campaign, match employee donations, pair an action-based campaign with an executive statement, or enable employees to start peer-to-peer crowdfunding campaigns of their own.

Employers can seed an employee’s account with any dollar amount for employees to distribute to the cause of their choice, whether that is the recent disaster or a different cause. When employees distribute funds, they participate in an active employee engagement exercise and live a shared philanthropic experience. The employer provides choice to the employee while acknowledging the employee’s desire to impact the world positively. Through this, the employer builds trust and encourages generous living. To donate to relief efforts, set up your GVNG Wallet now and search and select the organizations or causes of your choice.