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One Account for All Your Giving

Simple, safe, and tax-smart. No fees to donate to causes. Amplify your impact with tax-deductible crowdfunding.

Complete Your Financial Picture

GVNGorg helps employees, bank & credit union customers, individuals, and corporations take control of their charitable giving and amplify their impact through its GVNG Charitable Account, which combines the best features of donor-advised funds (DAF) and crowdfunding tools. The GVNG Charitable Account completes your financial picture by complementing your banking and investment accounts with a philanthropic account.


Donate, Raise, and Give for Charitable Causes

The GVNG Charitable Account allows you to immediately raise tax-exempt funds, identify causes, and disperse funds out to US nonprofits, DAFs, and NGO’s worldwide when you choose. You can donate your own funds directly anytime, through workplace payroll deductions, and raise donations through crowdfunding to amplify your impact. Everything is managed through the GVNGorg online platform.

Whether you are simply interested in contributing and managing your own charitable donations, or you want to crowdfund donations, GVNGorg amplifies your voice and helps you change the world.

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

—Maya Angelou


  • Security: Your funds are held in trust at an FDIC insured bank and administered by GVNGorg, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, and are readily available for grant disbursement through the secure GVNGorg platform.

  • Crowdfunding Webpages: Using the GVNGorg crowdfunding campaign builder, you can create and publish beautiful webpages to raise awareness and accept tax-exempt donations for your GVNG Charitable Account.

  • Disburse Money & Track Funds: Track all of your charitable grants digitally.


The GVNG Charitable Account

  • A Tax-Smart Way to Give to Charity
  • Flexible Contributions & Distributions
  • Support Your Favorite Charities Now or Overtime
  • No Cost to Establish and No Out-of-Pocket Expenses to Maintain