About GVNGorg

We are a team of passionate change-makers and practical idealists, on a mission to increase giving by empowering individuals, companies, and organizations to amplify their charitable impact in multiple ways. We created GVNG as a safe and simple way to organize charitable projects and manage donations. We saw challenges and barriers that unnecessarily complicate acts of charity and set out to eliminate them by creating a simple-to-use technology platform that serves individuals, companies, foundations, and other organizations.

GVNG has provided fiscal sponsorships to numerous individuals and organizations around the world for many years. We are experienced nonprofit operators who know how to deliver big impact while staying within the rules and carefully managing the complex back-office work that fiscally sponsored projects and charitable operations require.

We're not some new tech company trying to "disrupt" charitable giving. We acquired our extensive knowledge of nonprofit operations and fiscal sponsorship the hard way - by doing it for years. We then took that knowledge to build the technology and business foundation that is GVNG today.

We’re a Registered Charitable Nonprofit Organization

GVNGorg is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (ID 81-2446261) and a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. GVNG is here to do good for people, communities, and causes. We are a registered nonprofit nationally and in all 50 US states. GVNG also sponsors projects internationally in many countries. By design, we don’t focus on maximizing profits and we continually look for ways to amplify our own charitable effects by reinvesting every dollar into improving giving.

Board of Directors

Brady Gallo
Julian Leone
Robbie Tombosky


Eric Edidin
William Gallo
Dominic Kalms
Avi Sarma
Daniel Shakhani