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Charitable giving can give any business a sense of purpose, beyond just making profits. It strengthens a company's connection to its community and helps build a common bond for management and employees. Charitable giving can strengthen a company's brand, especially when it's aligned with causes that customers care about. Businesses and corporations mostly do their charitable giving simply by donating to charities. That's noble and welcome, but it typically doesn't provide the brand lift and marketing opportunities that come from a company having its own charitable organization.

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The White Label Nonprofit

GVNGorg Fiscal Sponsorships for Companies

Starting a non-profit alongside a for-profit business takes time, effort, and significant money to set up and operate on an ongoing basis. Compliance can be tricky and requires careful ongoing oversight. There's a better way - a GVNGorg Fiscal Sponsorship

Easily and quickly create your own in-house nonprofit without the overhead and ongoing regulatory responsibilities of forming a new 501(c)(3) from scratch.

A GVNG Fiscal Sponsorship lets companies operate *charitable programs and projects while GVNG manages the compliance and reporting.

  • Align precisely with causes that matter to the business and its customers
  • Control the branding and messaging to match company brand goals
  • Support employee-driven causes to increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Match employee and customer donations
  • Instantly launch crowdfunding campaigns to align with marketing initiatives
  • Easily promote the company's initiatives with integrated Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter(X), and website widgets
  • Get tax benefits (as applicable) for doing charitable projects