GVNG for Foundations, Family Offices, and non-501(c)(3) Organizations

Expand your reach while maintaining control - do the things that matter to your foundation or family office.

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Operating a full 501(c)(3) nonprofit takes time, effort, and significant money to set up and operate on an ongoing basis. There's a better way - a GVNGorg Fiscal Sponsorship

Private foundations, family offices, trusts, and other organizations can do a lot of charitable good. But they're often constrained by their legal structure from doing some of the kinds of charitable work they would like to do. A GVNGorg fiscally sponsored project can provide these types of organizations with greater flexibility while preserving the tax benefits.

GVNG Fiscal Sponsorship

Easily and quickly create your own in-house nonprofit without the overhead and ongoing regulatory responsibilities of forming a new 501(c)(3) from scratch. A GVNG Fiscal Sponsorship lets non-501(c)(3)organizations operate charitable programs and projects while GVNG manages the compliance and reporting.

  • Align precisely with causes that matter to the foundation or family office
  • Control projects and expenditures to match organizational goals
  • Support very specific causes with exactly the type of support that's needed
  • Match external donations to increase impact
  • Instantly launch crowdfunding campaigns to align with organizational initiatives
  • Easily promote the company's initiatives with integrated Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter(X), and website widgets
  • Get tax benefits (as applicable) for doing charitable projects