Take Your Personal Giving to the Next Level

Donating to charitable causes you care about benefits the recipients, but it's also gratifying for you too. But it can be difficult to support multiple causes, raise money for causes, distribute funds as you would like and track it all for tax purposes. The GVNGWallet is the answer.

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The GVNG Wallet is your personal charitable account.

The GVNG Wallet is entirely web-based, easy to set up in just a few minutes and accessible whenever you need it.


  • You can make tax-deductible contributions to your GVNG Wallet anytime, from any device.
  • Track and manage all your donations in a single place with one year-end receipt for taxes.
  • Effortlessly amplify your social impact through personalized tax-deductible crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Share your links via social media, email, and yourwebsite.
  • All funds are held securely at an FDIC-insured bank.
  • GVNG doesn’t charge fees to set up, contribute to, or donate to charities from your Wallet.
Get Started
  • Contribute
    Simply add tax-deductible money to your GVNG Wallet

  • Crowdfund
    Come together to raise funds to support your favorite causes

  • Give
    A single portal to donate to over 1.6m charities

GVNG Wallet makes charity a no brainer.

Low Fees

Our mission is to empower you to be a citizen philanthropist. We keep our administration fees as low as possible, so your impact remains high!

No Minimums

There is no minimum deposit, balance requirement, or contribution size to set up your Wallet.


You do not need to store payment methods on your Wallet, and there are no out-of-pocket fees on your donations.

No Unexpected Charges

GVNG deducts a small fee on your average monthly balance from your Wallet to support our nonprofit infrastructure, team, and technology platform. The fee currently is .166% per month (2% annually).

Managing Crowdfunding

There is no fee to launch tax-deductible crowdfunding campaigns. GVNG deducts a 5% crowdfunding fee plus payment processing fees(credit/debit/PayPal) on donations made to your campaigns.