Actually, it starts with you.


Save the bees
Foster creativity
Encorage literacy
Advocate for equality
Support an after school program
Build community
Cure cancer
Empower women
End hunger
Fight climate change
Protect animals
Rehabilitate veterans

Let’s Make a Difference

Giving back can be cumbersome and complex. It doesn’t have to be. We are all capable of changing the world by managing our charitable giving better. GVNGorg along with its technology partner GVNG provides you full control over when and how you give. But, it all starts with you.

Built by Nonprofit Experts

The nonprofit sector demands technological advances, and with guidance from our legal, financial and digital specialists, GVNGorg provides a modern, safe and secure vehicle for you to start, manage and grow your charitable impact.

Our Core Values

At GVNGorg, we don't just preach about social good—we live it. Contact us to learn about some of the causes and campaigns we support.

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